Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Plague.‏

Oh man you guys. This week we were smitten with a curse.
So, after taking things really easy last week so Sister Roy could rest and recuperate, she was cleared by the hospital on Monday. Sound familiar?
The next morning, she woke up with The Plague.
Okay, I'm being totally dramatic, but she woke up with some kind of crazy virus that made her nauseous, and fever-y, and achey, and exhausted. This is not exactly the state of being that facilitates missionary work. And so, home we stayed. Our Sister Training Leaders and some really incredible members helped us cover our important appointments by going on splits with us, but for the most part I was home with Sister Roy Tuesday and Wednesday. By Thursday she was feeling much better, but we had weekly planning and District Meeting which took up most of our day. So we were really looking forward to Friday - the blessed day when we could finally get back to work and catch up on everything that we've missed for the past couple weeks. But alas, this was not what happened.
Friday morning dawned, and The Plague struck again.

This time, I was the one who woke up nauseous, and fever-y, and achey, and exhausted.

I mean, what? The sickness cycle was getting a little ridiculous. However, as we can learn from the scriptures (who knew those things can actually teach us stuff, huh?), God never sends a plague with out also sending you a lesson to learn. And trust me, I sure did learn a really good lesson. I sincerely hope that none of you are as stubborn as me and require such treatment in order to learn things. Anyways, we are now both healthy and strong and with every finger and toe crossed we will be getting back to life as usual this week!

But you might want to pray for us just in case, because we are good at defying the odds apparently.
I love you guys!
Sister Gledhill

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