Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Morsels of Excitement

Why hello out there! Sorry I've been kind of terrible at emailing of late ... It's like my brain goes out to lunch when ever I sit down at the computer. Oh well, I will repent and give you a few morsels of excitement from the past few weeks.

The Zone Leaders put us in charge of planning Zone Pday this transfer, so there was one point at the end of September when every night I would come home and grate chalk sticks into dust ... like 120 chalk sticks (my fingers were not. happy. with me.) But it was all worth it because then we had an epic HINGHAM NORTH ZONE PAINT FIGHT! It was total chaos with all the Portuguese elders running around and ignoring any rules that we had made, but it was so fun! I don't want to exaggerate or anything, but it was probably the best Zone Pday that has ever happened ever.
 (It got kind of intense during the jumping pictures ... )
I'm not sure how many of you are aware of my hopes and dreams of being an old lady, but ... being an old lady is one of my most anticipated achievements in life. The knitting, the baking, the always-wearing-the-hair-in-a-bun. Bliss. I am also really stoked to have gray hair and this week Sister Jessop FOUND 4 GRAY HAIRS ON MY HEAD!!!!!!! I almost fainted in joy.

We also had Zone Conference this week! Zone Conference happens every other transfer and it's when we get together with a bunch of other missionaries from the surrounding Zones and the Mission Presidency dumps buckets of spiritual improvement on us all day. This being my second to last transfer, this was my final Zone Conference! :.( We always stand and sing "The Spirit of God" at the end of the meeting, and I can barely sing two words with out weeping on a normal day, let alone my last Zone Conference. And then they asked me to say the closing prayer. #TrainWreck On the plus side, we also got to watch "Meet the Mormons" while we were there. Wooooooooo movies! (I've always loved the story of the Candybomber: cute German children + old man + world peace = right up my alley.)

Love you all!
Sister Gledhill

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