Monday, June 17, 2013

Shot Gunning

What up familia?!
I feel that last week there were a few key things I forgot to mention. Such as my address. (which is as follows)
16 Kings Way
Briar Glen Village
Apartment 202 C
Waltham, Massachusetts
So ... feel free to send me things. I'm not sure if I have mail waiting for me at the mission office or something, but I have not received any mail yet. Which is fine - but I'm pretty sure my companion thinks I'm some kind of social pariah who nobody cares about. But, like, what evs. I know that I have people who love me. (Right?)
Also, Sister Bringhurst and I are opening this area for sisters. When two new missionaries go into an area, it's called "shotgunning" which is kind of hilarious. So because we were opening, the first few days were really slow. But it's been picking up this week!  Our ward has been compared to a Ferrari going 10 miles an hour. There is sooooo much potential, but they just need some gentle nudging in the right direction. So we just meet with as many ward members as possible and help them set goals that eventually lead to their friends joining the church! But it's hard to get a hold of people, New Englanders are so busy. So we just call, and text, and "stop by" until we get in. Being a missionary is like 85% stalking people. It rules.
I highly doubt that I will get transferred in 6 weeks, Mom. I'm pretty sure the plan is for me to stay here for the foreseeable future. I suspect that Sister Bringhurst might leave though. She's a Sister Training Leader and is supposed to be companions with the other Sister Training Leader in our zone as soon as possible, which probably will result in her leaving me pretty soon :( But also that is all speculation and Heavenly Father is probably laughing at my "plans".
I never realized how much of desert Utah was until I got here! That's the biggest difference between MA and home. It's like the entire state is an enchanted forest. I frequently look at my back window to see cute little bunnies. BUNNIES. I feel like Snow White. It's nutz. Also, all of the sidewalks are trimmed with granite. #highclass. And there are no Walmarts out here! It's sooo weird. When we went shopping last week, our cart was only like half way full and everyone was staring at us like we were stocking up for the apocalypse. Apparently people don't shop in advance here. If only they could see a Utah mom at Costco! Oh and also it rains a ton, so if you could send me both pairs of my rainboots at some point, that would be fantastic.
Everyone we meet is falls into at least one of the following categories: super successful, super educated, super foreign. Our Relief Society President is a published author - her name is Laura Anderson and she writes historical fiction. The last book she wrote was about if Anne Bolin (?) had a son instead of a daughter. So you should read it and see if it's any good! Also, Clayton Christenson is in our mission presidency and he apparently was voted something along the lines of the world's smartest man by Times Magazine. And everyone in our ward is either a world renowned something or the other or they are going to grad school out here. But all of our investigators are from Haiti or Uganda. It's an interesting mix! Our ward boundaries are so large that we have a lot of really wealthy people and also people who live in project housing. It's kind of nice to experience both!
If Haili is reading this, please send me music! We have 3 CDs and drive like 4 hours a day, so ... they get a little repetitive. But, I officially could sing the entire sound track of the Prince of Egypt backwards if I had to! Also, did you know Steve Martin is a voice for one of the Egyptian Priests?! Make sure you tell Kade!
I still haven't gotten my package yet, but I'm pretty sure I will get it on Tuesday! (fingers crossed!) But ya, definitely don't send packages to the mission home anymore, because it take FOR.EV.ER me to get them. But life is good, being a missionary is so incredible. I'm already dreading the day when I will have to take off my tag. But I don't think about it to much because it makes want to hyperventilate a little.
I love you all and pray for you everyday! Let me know if I can do anything for you!
Sister Gledhill

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