Monday, June 17, 2013

You Better Believe I'm in Boston!

Ahhhhh! What, this is only my second email home and I'm already in BOSTON?! Well... actually I'm in Waltham. Which is pretty close to Boston ... I think. Like probably 30 or 40 minutes? I'm serving in the Weston 1st ward. IT IS SO GORGEOUS OUT HERE. I'm like Pocohontas running through forest trails. Well, at least that's what I wish I was like. Technically we are driving through forest trails.
So I stepped off the plane on Tuesday and spent our first 2 nights with our Mission President and wife, the Packards. They are seriously the most incredible people. I know for sure that one reason Heavenly Father sent me to Boston was so I could learn and grow from their amazing example! (Hahaha side note, I just had to explain to the man sitting next to me in the library that I am not a nun. He heard my companion calling me sister. Bless him.)

Then we had transfer meeting, and here I am in Waltham! My trainer is Sister Bringhurst. She has like waist length red hair and sings all the time and is possibly the most cheerful person I have ever met. Basically I'm companions with Giselle from Enchanted. This is not an exaggeration. She has only been here 4 months and this is the 2nd time she has trained! And also she is a Sister Training Leader, which is the equivalent of a zone leader... In transfer meeting, the Elders that are assistants to the president said we were "the dream team" and are excited to see what happens with us. They obviously don't know anything about me, so Sister Bringhurst must be pretty incredible!
President Packard has asked us to have a HUGE focus on working with the members. Like, that is all. we. do. So, so far we've just been trying to put out roots in the ward and meet as many people as we can! We eat dinner and teach member lessons, etc. We have gotten some awesome referrals, but we are waiting for the members to contact them essentially. We also are rumored to have a few investigators, but their avoiding us or something, but we do have an appointment with one on Wednesday! So I have definitely been developing patience! We are always busy, but not necessarily in the way I was expecting to be busy out here. But I believe this is the way we will find the most success out here! We have the members plant the seeds, and then swoop in for the harvest!!!
We have 2 Elders in our ward as well, who are also our Zone Leaders. One of them, Elder Willhelmson has been here for like 8 months, so we basically call him every 5 minutes to ask him questions about the ward. He's a huge help and blessing for sure!
At transfer meeting, we also got assigned a car (yay no walking!) However, when we went outside to find it, the entire left taillight was smashed in! As it turns out, the sisters who had the car before us backed into a pole. So that's been exciting, we've been riding dirty with out a left blinker while trying to get an estimate for the past few days. It's been quite a fiasco for some reason. Also, it will probably be in the shop for 2 weeks and I don't think we will have a car! That is quite detrimental, as everybody is WAY spread out. So hopefully things work out in our favor some how.
Our apartment is so adorable. I was trying to send you pictures, but I'm technically challenged or something and I can't figure it out. So maybe next week! Also, the Office missionaries just called and told me there is a big package waiting for me! Hopefully I get it soon, thank you for sending it!

Okay, we only get a little bit of time this week because we don't have library cards yet. Hopefully next week I will have some crazy stories to tell and some pictures!
I hope everyone is doing well and love hearing your updates! Thank you for your love and support!

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