Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mini Missionary

Hello Humans!
This week was reaaaaaal nice.
One really awesome thing that happened was we got a Mini Missionary! All of the Stakes in our mission participate in this Mini missionary program. Basically kids 16 and up get to come and stay with us for a few days and experience what mission life is all about. Apparently it happens pretty frequently too, like at least once a transfer! It's an awesome way to prepare to serve or just try it out if your considering it. Our "mini" missionary was named Amanda and she was 25. SHE WAS SO COOL! She has had this crazy life where she really wasn't on the straight and narrow for a long time, if you know what I mean. But the missionaries have been working with her for the past couple of years and now she is one of the most faith filled people I've ever met. She was planning on serving a mission, but it didn't exactly work out. So this mini mission was kind of her chance at getting the experience for a couple of days. I was kind of surprised that they sent her to Sister Roy and I, since she came out by herself and not with a whole herd of minis. I would have thought that she would be sent to a ward with lots of investigators and stable work, but the assistants felt like it would be good for us to be with her. I'm glad she did, because it was great to be around someone filled with so much faith that the Lord has a plan for her! Hopefully she had a good experience ... maybe the point of her coming with us was to make her happy that she can't serve. Oh well.
Also we taught Sharing Time in Primary yesterday! I love childrens. They are so cute. We taught about prayer and how the scriptures teach us how to pray. There were only like 10 kids in Senior Primary! Definitely a change from Utah wards. Also I'm pretty sure like 60% of our ward is on vacation in Utah, so ... send them back to us please :)
Sometimes being a missionary is like in the 7th Harry Potter when Harry, Ron, and Hermione keep visiting all of the places that they know there is no horcrux at, but they just don't really know what else to do. Except we are looking for people who want to come closer to Christ, which is kind of like the opposite of horcrux hunting. But other times it feels like when Harry figures out where the Elder Wand is and has to make the decision between horcruxes and hallows - like there is too much good stuff to do and you have to make hard decisions! #missionarylyf
There is this really awesome quote from President Eyring that is helpful to ponder when making such decisions. "What would the Savior do if He had your opportunities?" Isn't that so awesome?! It's like WWJD, but way more thought provoking... even though it's essentially the same thing - but from the mouth of an Apostle of the Lord!
So this week think WWTSDIHHYO. Okay?
I love you guys!
Sister Gledhill

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