Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcome to Boston, Where People Drive as Well as They Say Nice Things

So last P-day we went into Boston and did all kinds of touristy cliche things. Well mainly we just went to Mike's Pastries and Quincy Market. But it was super fun to be in the city! And when we were in the North End I was reminded that I think I used to be an Italian peasant in a former life. (Not that we believe in that type of thing ...) But my inner voice totally has an Italian accent and it's the only accent that ever feels normal coming out of my mouth. And, I really like pizza. Viva Italia!
This week was awesome because we had Zone Conference and every time we get multiple missionaries in the same room, it's like standing under one of those giant buckets at water parks. Except with the spirit instead of water. We are engaged in something pretty amazing. Missionary work rules. \m/
Okay I don't have much time, but just know that I love you and God loves you. #truth.
Sister Gledhill

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