Saturday, June 14, 2014

In All Things Be Grateful‏

This week was so-o-o great. And crazy.

We did a booth at Foxboro Founder's Day, which is the local town fair. We wanted to raise awareness of the Church in the community and let people know about all of the incredible programs offered by the Church - like the Family History Center, Employment Resource Services, and the Addiction Recovery Program etc. But of course we needed some kind of inspiring gimmick so people wouldn't be terrified to come talk to us. Cue: The Gratitude Booth.

The booth had two main elements - a gratitude display where people could write what they were grateful for on a little piece of paper and pin it up on some clothes lines, and a gratitude photo booth where they could write what they were grateful for on a chalkboard and upload the picture to a social media sight. It. was. ADORABLE. Sister Badham and I took the opportunity to do some serious Sister Pross, and we've been making garlands every night for like 3 weeks. And it was totally worth it because multiple people told us we had the best AND the cutest booth. #success.

It was a ton of fun and we got to talk to a lot people! Plus, the ward was like obsessed with it and we will probably go down in Foxboro history. That's what happens when a ward gets sister missionaries I guess ;) We also got really sunburned. Especially Sister Badham. But anything in the name of the Lord and cute fair booths!

Anyways, Transfer texts are this week! Sister Badham and I both try not to think about it because SO MUCH GOODNESS is happening in Foxboro, and there is a pretty good chance one of us will leave. But since we've both been here the same amount of time, it's like 50/50 who would go ... Stay tuned next week for the verdict. Pray that whatever happens will be exactly what all of our amazing investigators need! In fact just pray for our investigators in general - miracles are happening and we need all the help we can get to keep things going so good!

I love you all. I love the gospel. I love gratitude. AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Sister Gledhill

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