Monday, June 2, 2014

Elder Holland and Beach Parties‏

Oh my good golly. (Haha, I never say this in real life. I just don't know how to start my emails.)
But here's the sitch. This week, as all other weeks in missionary life, was amazing. I don't know how it happens, but everytime I look through my planner when it's time to email I am amazed at all the crazy things that can happen in just 7 days!
This week got spiced up a little when Elder Flory broke his collar bone last Monday while riding his bike. So being the good charitable souls we are, Sister Badham and I surrendered our car to the elders. We had the intentions of biking, because there are like 12 missionary bikes in this area that are not being used, but unfortunately all but one of them has been "bike totaled" in an Elder biking accident. So ... we were hoofin' it for most of the week. The weather was playing games with us though. Tuesday we walked a few miles to an appointment and I got a wicked bad sunburn on my neck (that's what I get for rockin the bun-life everyday), and then Wednesday AND Thursday we got caught in unexpected rain storms with no umbrellas (you'd think we'd learn. Nope.) We saw the elders at the end of that night and their reaction to us was something like this: "Oh Sisters! Your soaked! Your shoes! Your HAIR!" ... we may have looked a titch raggeled by the end of that day.
But it was all worth it! We felt like martyrs for the cause just in time for ELDER HOLLAND to come and talk to us on Friday. I mean, it was alright, I guess. Just kidding, it was a spiritual outpouring of course! At the end of every single big missionary meeting or conference we have, we sing "The Spirit of God" and I cry every. single. time. It's impossible to describe the way the room feels ... it's like the hymn says "We'll sing and we'll shout with the armies of heaven!" I totally understand what that line means now.
On Saturday we were on exchanges with the Martha's Vineyard sisters and we had to go drop them off at the Cape Cod ferry, so while we were out there we thought we would take a moment to celebrate my year mark. We found a little cafe called Pie in the Sky, and we bought a couple slices and went and sat by dock. And now we are getting ready to go spend our P-day at a member's beach house in Hull with the rest of our zone. Elder Holland, pie at the Cape, beach parties ... it's  a hard life, but somebody has to do it!
And in the midst of all this rain storming, apostle speaking, pie eating goodness, the work of the Lord rolls on here in Foxboro. We saw miracle after miracle this week, from finding new families, to less actives suddenly wanting to come back. We brought a couple mother/daughter teams out teaching with us this week and it was amazing to see the impact it had on these moms to see their daughters bear testimony of the gospel. We took our 19 year old investigator Carla to the YSA branch yesterday and she ended up staying for FHE and dinner and didn't go home until 7:00 at night - that's like 6 hours of church here very first time ever attending! That's impressive for a life long Mormon, let alone someone who has never been to church before! It's like every where we go there is just so much progress and goodness going on.
Why am I so blessed? I don't know. God must just love us or something. In fact, I'm pretty sure He does.
Sister Gledhill

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