Tuesday, July 9, 2013

America Pranked Me

What I'm about to tell you may be shocking. Prepare yourselves for the following conversation that I had this week.

Group of Missionaries: Wooo Boston! 4th of July! Woo! Gospel! Fireworks! Wooo! (paraphrased)

Me: Ya I'm so excited to be in downtown Boston! I've been wanting to come into the city for forever!

Group of Missionaries: Ya, Boston! Fireworks! Wooooohooooo!!! (paraphrased)

Me: Ya let's go see the Boston Bell!

Group of Missionaries: ......

Me: You know, the Boston Bell. Historical American landmark? With a crack in it?
Group of Missionaries:  You mean the one in Philadelphia?

Me: .......

Ya guys, THE BOSTON BELL IS NOT IN BOSTON. Nor is it called the Boston Bell. It is called the Liberty Bell. The one iconic Boston historical thing I wanted to see is NOT EVEN REAL. Ugh.
BUT. We did get to go into the city to watch the fireworks on the 4th! It was fantastic! But pretty comparable to any other firework show I think. Don't tell anyone though, because it is supposed to be world class and stuff.  We also went into the city today! Sister Baer is this awesome lady in our ward and she took us to the Museum of Science to see the Dead Sea Scrolls! It was incredible. The Bible is really old. I feel so scholarly. And also like I want to go to Jerusalem. Family trip 2015?
In other news, this week was by far the most amazing out here. We really are starting to see the fruits of our labor! (That is the lamest expression I just realized.) ... We really are starting to have some success! (Ya I can talk like a normal person and not paraphrase the scriptures all the time!) We taught one of our investigators the plan of salvation this week. Her name is Guiriline and she is from Haiti and looks like she's 30 but is actually like 55. She is the mom of a bunch of teenage girls that recently got baptized and has an incredible testimony of Christ. Also she works harder than probably is possible for anyone to physically do. But it was amazing to see her learn that she is Daughter of God and that she lived with Him before she came to this earth. It was like her spirit automatically recognized it as truth. It ruled. Being a missionary rules.
This week we have a TON of work to do, and I am so excited! On Saturday Transfer Texts come out, so we will find out who is leaving and who is staying. Sister Bringhurst and I are both pretty sure that we will stay, but also we know that President wants Sister Bringhurst and another Sister Training Leader to be companions as soon as possible. Also 11 new sisters are coming into the mission that need to be trained! So, we will just have to see what happens! Cross your fingers that I get to stay where I am because I absolutely love it!
I LOVE you guys! Keep me updated on your awesome lives! Share the gospel with someone, okay?
Love, Sister Gledhill

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