Monday, July 22, 2013

Transfer Magic

Hello humans! How is the real world going? Life in the missionary bubble has been especially sweet this week due to transfer magic - that's when tons of amazing things happen because one of my companions is leaving and needs to be super blessed and one of my companions is coming and needs to be super blessed. Hence like 5x the amount of normal blessings. It's super cool and so many things kind of just fell into place! This work is definitely inspired, and a lot of good things are going to happen this transfer!

My trainee totally is here!!! My baby's name is Sister Rachel Roy. She is so adorable and tiny and twenty. She is from Sandy, Utah and went to BYU for a couple of years before coming out and she is majoring in Communication Disorders. She also has Cystic Fibrosis. On Wednesday, President Packard called me into his office (we were there to help orientate the newbies) and told me the Lord has a special calling for me - to train Sister Roy! I got to find out a day early because we had to go and do a bunch of things with her insurance that day, so it was awesome to bond before any one else even knew who their companions would be! Basically the only thing that her CF affects is that we have to do cardio exercise for 45 minutes to an hour everyday (I know. I know. God sure does have a sense of humor.) And she also has to do breathing treatments every morning and night for about 45 minutes. She puts on this inflatable vest that shakes around her lungs and breathes through this tube full of medicine. It literally sounds like I'm studying next to someone going scuba diving - but it's strangely soothing. I think it kind of reminds me of car wash sounds I heard for 3 years of my life ... why this soothes me, I have no idea.

Sister Roy has such a strong spirit and determination! She is so ready to learn and improve and work. She doesn't let any of her circumstances stand in her way! She is so ... persistent? Devoted? She ran a marathon a few months ago. She's marathon-y. We are going to be great friends - if I don't die from cardio overload. And also she has good taste in music which is always a plus. Also she unpacked her clothes and we have like 5 matching outfits. For some reason, once you go on a mission, matching becomes the most hilarious thing ever so I'm sure we will have tons of fun. It was weird to say goodbye to Sister Bringhurst and realize how close we had gotten after 6 weeks! Spending all of your waking and sleeping moments with someone for a month and a half will do that to ya. Luckily she is still in my district, so I see her at least once a week. I'm excited to bond with Sister Roy though!
Speaking of my district, when I was in President Packard's office on Wednesday he also gave me another special assignment. My district consists of 4 companionships - The Assistants to the President, the Zone Leaders, The Sister Training Leaders, and Sister Roy and I. So basically everyone has a leadership calling already and there is no one to be District Leader. So, for the first time in the history of the Massachusetts Boston Mission (and in my head I say in the history of ever to make myself feel cooler), a sister will be serving as District Leader! ... and that sister is me! But really, we call it District Mom because I can't do everything a district leader can because of the whole lack of the priesthood thing. But I get to do reporting and check on all of my district members and stuff. It's kind of hilarious and super fun. Definitely a unique opportunity!
In other exciting news, we found out that Babe Ruth, Chris Evens aka Captain America, and Mary (as in Mary had a little lamb Mary) all lived in Sudbury, which is one of the towns we cover! And ya, don't ask me how Mary is a real person because I do not understand. But she is! And we went and saw the school house that the lamb followed her to! #Wild&CrazyMissionaryLyf
Also, one of our members (Sister Baer - she took us to dead sea scrolls) is a professional ballroom dancer and told us that she taught Shaqueil O'Neil how to swing dance a couple of years ago. He lived in Sudbury when he played for the Celtics!
Being a missionary is so incredible. There are so many miracles that happen to us everyday that I kind of take for granted - like I just kind of expect it. But I'm going to write down a miracle every day in hopes of being more grateful for it! But I have the strongest testimony that Heavenly Father is watching over us and is involved in every detail of this work. It's incredible to watch things unfold that we could not possibly be able to accomplish on our own. There is such power in the gospel! I hope you guys can see it in your lives too! I pray for you everyday and am so grateful for all you do for me!

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