Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm Expecting!

That's right boys and girls, I AM GETTING A BABY!
Sister Bringhurst is transferring to the Weston 2nd ward on Thursday, and I am staying here in Weston 1st and training a brand newbie from the MTC! Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous to train, but I'm actually super stoked! Although, the more that people ask if I'm nervous, the more I feel like I should be nervous. I think I will be more nervous when I actually meet her and there is a living, breathing missionary that expects me to know how things work out here. ... ya maybe you should pray for me.
This week has been so so crazy and I kind of can't even remember what happened. There were a lot of exchanges with sisters, and lots of success, and lots of blessings, and lots of just loving being a missionary! Ahhhh!
So. Big things are happening this week! I have to run, but be excited for me! I love you guys and am so grateful for your support!
Sister Gledhill

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