Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SCITUATE! ... Where's Scituate?

I am going to Scituate, Rhode Island. Tomorrow. I am leaving Waltham. TOMORROW.
You may be wondering, where is Scituate? What is it like there? How is the work going there? How do you even pronounce Scituate?
Well, my friends, let me tell you. I have no idea.

Saturday night, we were in the car driving to our dinner appointment after the second session of conference when all of the sudden Sister Roy started screaming. As the good companion I am, I was obviously a little troubled by this. The last Saturday of every transfer, T-texts go out alerting the mission of any changes that will take place the next transfer. Usually these texts come at about 9:30 or 9:45, but the Elders wouldn't be out of Priesthood session until 10:00 with the time difference, so we were told that T-texts wouldn't be until 10:30. But, in order to cause much distress and chaos (they claimed so we wouldn't be up late), surprise T-texts were sent at 6:00 - hence Sister Roy's screaming.
Surprise T-texts are bad for a number of reasons.
1 - I need to take time to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for such life-altering announcements.
2 - It is usually safer for all parties involved for me to NOT get life-altering announcements whilst driving a vehicle.
3 - After receiving life-altering announcements, it is very hard to recompose yourself and act like a normal person at dinner appointments.
And it is in this unprepared state that we found out I am being transferred to Scituate. AHHHHHHHH! All I could think was, "Being a missionary is a crazy thing to be." Like, for the past 4 months Weston 1 has been my life. I literally spend 24 hours a day thinking, planning, serving, teaching, and interacting with the people who live here. And now, I am leaving. And I am going to have a new life in this mystical Scituate.
Here is all my limited knowledge about Scituate: The Scituate ward is in the Providence Stake. You pronounce Scituate SIT-CHEW-IT. My companion is going to be Sister Bailey, who came out the same time as Sister Roy and was trained by one of my MTC district sisters, Sister Neilson. The Scituate missionaries are known for going on tons of splits with their members. And they already have a Christmas tree in their apartment.
THAT'S IT PEOPLE. This is all I know about my new life!
Oh and also that I will live here: 138 Thompson Pike, Dayville, Connecticut. CONNECTICUT! I am going to live in Connecticut. I guess Scituate is by Connecticut. ... Actually probably all of Rhode Island is by Connecticut. That's what happens when you're in the smallest state in the country. WHICH I AM GOING TO BE IN! Oh my life. I've been saying goodbye to all our investigators and members the past few days, which was kind of sad. But also I know I will stay in contact with the ones that I got really close to, so I'm not too worried about it. Plus, it's reassuring to know Sister Roy will be here to watch over my old life. It's in good hands.
In other news, Conference was AMAZING. I woke up in the middle of Friday night and couldn't go back to sleep, I was so excited. Just like ... woh. Conference is so amazing. This church is so amazing. Revelation. It's cool stuff. I would go into more exciting details, but mostly I just can't even focus. So much to do in preparation for SCITUATE!
Pray for me!
Sister Gledhill

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