Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Promised Land

Oh my goodness. I am here. In RHODE ISLAND. I don't have much time, so let me conveniently break down my new life into categories:
Companion: Sister Makell Bailey from Murray, Utah. Let me tell ya, this transfer is going to be a treat. We get along like New England and clam chowdah. (so ... you know, really well.)
Apartment: We live in an adorable little woodsy cottage. It's a little apartment over a member's garage and it's so. cute. And also freezing. And also it has like 1/16 of the storage space my last apartment had, but it's totally worth it. And also the members that we rent from make us recycle and compost and stuff, so the granola in me is loving it.
The Work: The Providence Stake is basically like the Holy Land of missionary work in our mission. There is SO much happening! It really is an incredible place to be a missionary right now.
Oh man, I love it here. The only downside is we are totally going to have to start riding bikes, and I have like 3 skirts that allow for biking. Hooray for repeat outfits and helmet hair! But, I will probably develop thighs of steel, so prepare yourselves for that.
And I finally got to go to the temple yesterday! WOOOOOOOOO! No offense to any of my beloved family, but I have been far more homesick for the temple than for anything else. It was so nice to go back! And also I had a beautiful reunion with my MTC companion Sister White in the Celestial Room, so that was appreciated.
Man, I'm getting worse at remembering things. But I am so happy here! I love you guys and am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord.
Sister Gledhill

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Sister Bailey and I. #companionbesties

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