Sunday, November 24, 2013

No News is Good News.‏

Oh Goodness.

This week was so so good! Like, Scituate is nuuuuuuutz guys. We are teaching so. many. people. I don't even know how I have been so lucky to be put here. I love my companion. I love my ward. I. Love. Everything.

I'm trying to think of some incredible experience from the past week that I can tell you about, but mostly I just remember teaching, and planning, and being ridiculously happy. Somebody must be offering up some mighty prayers in our behalf, because life is good. 

But, I am freaking out a little bit because TRANSFERS ARE NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!! And I really, really don't want Sister Bailey to leave yet! I mean, I cannot even fathom how 6 weeks has already gone by. Like, what? Was that fast for everyone? Or just us here in missionary time warp? Anyways, this next week will be spent with many fingers and toes crossed that things stay the same here in our neck of the woods. In other news, it's Zone Conference this week and S. Gifford Nielsen is touring our mission. He is the one who gave the EXCLAMATION POINT! talk at General Conference, so I am sure it will be quite the experience.

Okay well, I will valiantly try to think of something exciting to tell you all next week. In the mean time, pray that next Wednesday I will have very exciting news of no change for you all.

Sister Gledhill

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