Monday, November 4, 2013

Scituate Santa

I don't have much time today, but this week was the usual fantastic. However, the one extra hour we gained from Daylight Savings sure seemed to add up, because this is the one and only week of my mission that I can honestly say felt long. But it was long and full of goodness!
There is this member named Brother Gagnon who used to live in our ward but now lives in Georgia who gave the missionaries like 40 referrals a few months ago. Well, this guy came to town this week and let me tell ya, he looks just like Santa. He even has Santa contracts with malls and stuff! And he brought his Santa magic with him this week! He had us over to visit with his cousins and some of them are super solid ... Like they'll probably end up getting baptized! Christmas in October from the Scituate Santa. <3
It was also Halloween this week, and missionaries in our mission need to be home by 6:00. For some reason they don't want us out knocking doors with all the children and the devil worshipers. Go figure. But, can you say, "EARLY BEDTIME"?! Sister Bailey and I have been looking forward to it all month! So after doing some planning and record keeping and other good missionary duties, we painted our toenails and watched The Testament, and then snuggled up and went to sleep. Unfortunately, the couple extra hours we got did little to even out our bazillion hour deficit. Oh well. We'll sleep when we're home, right?
This weekend was also Stake Conference, which was fantastic because the Saturday night session was all about MISSIONARY WORK. Which is kind of my thing these days. It was also great because President and Sister Packard came, and every time we get to listen to them it's amazing. They're like our celebrity parents. The Stake Presidency ended up focusing hard core on Sabbath Day observance, which was crazy because they didn't plan that to be a theme at all. President Hutchins stood up and said, "This must be a message this Stake needs to hear." Haha, a nice healthy dose of chastisement never hurt anyone, right? But it was so so so good.
Anyways, I sure love you guys! And I sure love the opportunity to be a missionary. I honestly feel so blessed to have this time to give my tiny part to this work.
Sister Gledhill

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