Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Scaredy Catz

Hello out there!

This week was the usual AWESOME. Being a missionary is just such the best. Especially at this time of the year. Also, me and Sister Bailey have some how tricked the members of our ward into thinking we're super cool or something, because they keep inviting us over for coco and giving us handmade gifts and stuff. Like the other day we mentioned how we love going to bed but the only down side is climbing in at first because our sheets are all cold, then BAM! The next day a member sewed us rice bags to heat up and put under our covers! So, basically life is going beautifully.

And also the work is going beautifully, because that's what actually matters in making me joyous. We have a couple baptisms next week, a few of our recent converts are going to the temple on Saturday, and our investigators have tons of potential. BLESSINGS!

I will now share a tiny snippet of my life that recently blew my mind:

One of our investigators is a 14 year old girl with serious heart health problems. She's a foster child and has been coming to church the past few weeks (and is loving it!) I was in Young Women's with her last week and told her if she had any questions that she didn't want to ask the whole class, she could write them down and we'd talk about them after. The lesson was on missionary work and how we can build the kingdom of God.

After class, she only had one question for me. She asked "Is it hard to talk about Jesus Christ and God?" with a little bit of bewilderment. I told her that some people are a little bit nervous for various reasons, but referred back to the previous week's lesson about Spiritual Gifts and how one of her spiritual gifts is having the confidence to easily talk about the things she believes.

Looking back, I think it's so interesting that she so easily picked up on the fact that the lesson about missionary work was more about breaking preconceived negative ideas about sharing the gospel and convincing the YW that missionary work is actually a good thing to do, than a lesson about ways to improve or things to say,etc. I think it just proves that fear of missionary work is a self taught habit for us members of the church, and that people who meet us are a little confused why we might be so hesitant to talk about something so important to us. Like if one of your friends started talking to you about their job, or their family, or a charity they're involved in, you would never be offended or be weirded out because you know that's a huge part of their life! Even if you decided that you didn't want to join their job or family or charity, you would probably still enjoy the conversation.

So ... moral of the story is that being scared to share the gospel is all in our heads. Try to de-brainwash yourselves this week. :)

I love you all! Have a fabulous pre-Christmas week!

Sister Gledhill

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