Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weeping Messes

So not much time this week, but all is well in the land of Scituate!
This week was awe-some! And was exceptionally full of Priesthood Power. I got a blessing last Sunday because I was feeling less then exceptional. This was the least miraculous instance. But it get's better!
One of our recent converts, Bill, has an autistic and severely retarded son (Joey) that he adopted when he was 4. He is about to turn 21 and has to move to an adult home this week. Bill has been really worried about Joey having a hard time with the change, and asked if the elders would give him a Priesthood blessing on Thanksgiving. It was an incredible experience and you could feel how special Joey is to Heavenly Father. Bill called us after the blessing and said that he has never seen Joey so calm and peaceful in his whole life! Bill bore his testimony about it yesterday in Sacrament meeting and said, "I'm so glad I found the church - I've spent so long looking for this. I finally feel like I've come home." Needless to say, Sister Bailey and I were weeping messes.
The other really cool Priesthood moment was when the Elders gave a blessing to a deaf man in our ward. It was a really beautiful example of how Heavenly Father communicates with us spirit to spirit - although Joe couldn't hear the blessing with his physical ears, he still could experience the blessing in the most important way.
So anyways, I love the Priesthood. I'm so grateful for the Restoration so we can have such a special connection to our Heavenly Father!
Love you all!
Sister Gledhill

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