Thursday, February 20, 2014


Thanks for the intro, Bon Jovi.
CAN YOU BELIEVE I'M HALF WAY? ... gross, huh? It's like the world started spinning double time or something.
I wanted to look through my journal the other night to reflect on some of my favorite experiences, when I realized I have NINE JOURNALS, none of which are even close to being full. Why is this you might ask? Because my brain likes to compartmentalize everything. I have traced this habit back to Pinterest. (I'm serious, guys.) Photographic evidence:

Inline image 1
From left to right : One a Day Journal (containing a single miracle, event, or something I'm grateful for every day), Revelation journal, General happenings journal, Conference journal, Meeting journal, Personal study journal, Goal journal, List journal, and Future Family journal.
Plus my Scriptures - A Book of Mormon focusing on Revelation and another on Christ, and the good ol' Grandpa Bible.
Moral of the story: I am the worst multi-tasker ever. Especially when it comes to journal keeping.
In other news, on Monday we got to go to the temple! Sister Batschi and I are both temple addicts, so we decided to maximize every minute we could. The temple was open from 7:00 - 11:00, so we got there early to do the first session, then did sealings, then did initiatories, then ended with another session. IT WAS AMAZING.
Then because we were out by Boston, we thought we would travel home via Cambridge so I could complete one of my mission bucket list items:
This is me when I parked the car in Harvard yard. Or more commonly known as "PAHK THE CAHR IN HAHVARD YAHD."

Inline image 1
That's right. I did that.
Sister Gledhill. The New England Veteran.

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