Tuesday, February 25, 2014

To All Future Misionaries....

Well, now that I'm basically a missionary veteran (hahaha ... just kidding), I thought I would rack my brains for some advice for future missionaries. Here is my offering to you:
  • Missions give you so many opportunities to start fresh - new transfers, new areas, new companions, etc. Take advantage of it and set lots of goals!
  • Find a good way to deal with stress, especially when you first get out. Normal stress reliefs, like going for a drive, listening to music, running, etc. aren't really feasible when you are working and with a companion 24/7. 
  • Write EVERYTHING down. ... everything. You will not remember - trust me.
  • Get really good at making your small talk story interesting, you will have the same conversation with members all. the. time. Where you are from, your family, your education plans ... Find a way to make them all love you!
  • Find a way to make Sundays different. When you are the Lord's errand all the time, it can be hard to make the Sabbath a day of rest. I make frozen Rhode's cinnamon rolls every Sunday morning and only listen to MoTab. 
  • Make sure you like your mission wardrobe. I've met too many sisters who decided they wouldn't care what they wore when they came out, and then realized that they DO care. You will be grumpy every morning when you get dressed. Do your companion a favor, and bring clothes you like.
  • Also, if you don't wear flared jeans at home, don't bring them on your mission. That's so weird, and everyone does it and regrets it.
  • Bring recipes.
  • Go to the temple cafeteria at the MTC when ever you can.
  • Make sure you love your mission papers picture - it follows you around EVERYWHERE!
  • Elders - don't put your hands in your pockets. Soooo unprofessional.
  • Take advantage of your weekly letter to your Mission President - ask him a question every week.
  • Missionaries have a HUGE impact on little kids in the ward, so make sure you give them special attention.
  • Advice from the Elders in my district: Waterproof shoes and machine washable pants. Bring lots of socks. "When your day is going horribly wrong, have faith because it's about to get a lot better." Shoveling snow is the best service/finding technique. For interesting talks, use experiences you've had, but use 3rd person and don't say your name. Write in your journal every day.
Now that I put that all down on paper (... well at least digital paper), it doesn't seem like that much. There is a ton about missionary life that kind of just has to be lived to figure out. But seriously, it's so great.


Sister Gledhill

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