Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If All the Snowflakes Were New Investigators and Baptismal Dates‏

Hola mis amigos!

I heard that you Westerners are having some kind of "Spring" out there. That is pretty much the opposite of what is happening here! I long for the days of tights-less weather, but I fear that those days are far, FAR away. But the freezing temperatures and icy ground WILL NOT STOP THE WORK OF THE LORD! Cue: the week of miracles.

Now I must admit that my life in Scituate has been pretty cushy - a busy missionary is a happy missionary after all, and we have been plenty busy the whole time I've served here! But there has definitely been a drop off since when I first arrived. We basically baptized everyone we were working with and we've been trying to find, find, find for the past couple months. Somehow, all of that hard work seems to have payed off all at once! This week we set 3 baptismal dates, found 3 new serious investigators, had 5 investigators come to church, had several former investigators contact us and want to start meeting again, and taught about double the amount of lessons that we normally do. AHHHHHHHHH! WE ARE SO BLESSED!

When ever a week like this happens to me, I always try to analyze and figure out what we did differently to merit such amazing-ness. And pretty much every time I come up with absolutely nothing. The truth is, this is the Lord's work. I'm pretty sure all we can do is be obedient and try our best, and then in His time the miracles happen. But I'm still analyzing, so I'll let you know if I ever discover the secret. ;)

In other news, our Primary President took us to get sushi and I may actually be starting to possibly like it a little bit maybe. But I'm still analyzing that as well. But I feel slightly jipped that no one ever told me there are VEGETABLE ROLLS with no fish in them! SO much more delicious. Also we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders, and it was the first time I've exchanged out of Scituate since I got here! It's going to be so strange when I leave ... But transfers aren't for another 3 weeks, so I'll worry about that later!

Last P-day we went to the oldest operating nursery in the country, which happens to be 5 minutes down the street from our house. It was so crazy! It's like a tropical rain forest in there! I bought a super sweet Zebra Plant and have been plotting how I am going to transport it back to Utah when I come home. I haven't come up with a good solution yet, so let me know if you have any ideas. One of the ward members told me to just put it in my purse, but I don't know how Airport security would feel about that. I feel like that might be labeled as suspicious behavior. (You can see it in my hand in the picture of me kissing a giant lemon of a century old lemon tree.)

Well, back to the work of miracles.

Sister Gledhill

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