Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nuns, Move, T-texts

Ah! So much to say, so little time, so little attention span today!
We knew this week was going to be CRAY, but luckily it started off with a good omen - a nun sighting. Let me take a second to remind you that due to my obsession with The Sound of Music, nuns are at the top of the list of things that makes my heart pound with glee - even though I really have no idea what a nun actually does ... except sing in the hills and convents of beautiful Austria. So there we were: in Applebee's with the Elders, celebrating the last weekly planning session of the transfer with a $25 gift card from a member for the 4 us (we only got appetizers.) And who but two nuns are sitting RIGHT ACROSS THE AISLE! I proceeded to stare at them for the next 10 minutes as they finished their ice-cream sundaes, buttoned their coats, and fixed their habits. Then as they left, one of them leaned over to us and said, "I am so happy to see four refined young people here today. Good luck and keep up the good work." I NEARLY DROPPED DEAD. The nun. She talked to me. Needless to say, "The hiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllls are aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!" has been stuck in my head ever since.
So nun sightings aside, remember those big life changing things I mentioned last week? Well, they have/are happening my friends! On Saturday we moved which went really well despite the fact that next to nobody showed up to help! We had 2 dedicated members with out trucks and the Elders, so we had to put all the big furniture in the Elder's mini-van and do a two-trip-caravan with all the cars. The mattresses and bookshelf strapped on top of the Elder's van did little to stop them from weaving in and out of weekend traffic, but most of our belongings made it unscathed. My giant orange suitcases, which my companions have lovingly nicknamed "The Mall", made it over all right too. But I didn't ever get the chance to unpack them because I FOUND OUT I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!!!!!!!

I am going to Foxboro, Massachusetts! Which for you sports fans, is home to the recent almost-Super-Bowl-winning New England Patriots stadium! Rumor has it, we even have a player in our ward. This is obviously the perfect place for me because I LOVE SPORTS. Oh wait a second ... I know NOTHING ABOUT SPORTS. Need we remember what happened last time I tried to speak to a Patriot's player, and he stared at me like a peasant wearing a potato sack? Ai, ai, ai!
But despite the sports anxiety, I am stoked! I've heard really good things about the ward and the missionaries that are already serving there. Plus, I think the work must be hopping over there because they already have 2 sets of Elders and now we're going to be opening the area for sisters! My companion is going to be Sister Badham, who I know basically nothing about except that she is blond and adorable and just finished training Sister Batschi's MTC companion in New Haven, CT. Also we've been called to be the Sister Training Leaders over a couple zones, which is a new calling for both of us, so this transfer is going to be an adventure for sure! (Adventure in the "I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing" sense of the word.)
And so now I'm off! This library is the last pit-stop before Transfer Meeting and then the shot-gun-opening-sister-training-leader fun begins! I'm really excited and only start to hyperventilate a little bit when I stop to think about it. Scituate is SO AMAZING. It really is a such a great place to be a missionary! There is so much work here and the ward is super supportive. I'm going to miss the people here so much! But I'm leaving it in good hands - Sister Batschi continues to move towards ruling the world with her awesomeness and she is going to train a new sister here.
My time in Scituate has taught me so much about miracles, and what it means to serve with all of your heart, might, mind, and strength. Before my mission I think my brain thought things like, "I will work really hard and through my hard work and diligence, I will perform miracles." WRONG. Now I've learned that it's more like this, "I will try my absolute best, and give my WHOLE heart and soul, and I will still come up short and fail ALL. THE. TIME. But because of my efforts, the Lord will cause miracles to happen." I KNOW this is the work of God, and somehow His perfectness and grace compensates for all the many shortcomings and mistakes of His army of 19 & 20 year-olds. There is no other explanation for the things I have witnessed and played some small role in while I've been here.
Sister Gledhill

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