Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shoes, Skirts, and Miracles


We just got done going fabric shopping with some on the Young Women in our ward. We are going to make skirts next P-day! (Note to anyone who likes to sew and likes to make sister missionaries happy: invite the sister missionaries over to make a new skirt. We LOVE new skirts.) I ended up looking at every single bolt of cotton fabric in JoAnne's and chose an upholstery fabric. Oh well. Looks like I'll be matching someone's couch cushions some day. But it will be one good looking couch!

This week we had a Cinderella moment with our investigator Ellen. She is an adorable lady in her late 60s who has some health problems that make it hard to balance. She didn't feel comfortable coming to church in her sneakers, but didn't have any sturdy walking/dress shoes. Hmmm, sturdy walking/dress shoes, eh? Insert: ugly sister missionary tracting shoes. Sister Batschi just happened to have a pair of ... sturdy looking black shoes in Ellen's size that she was persuaded to buy before coming out. So with great trepidation, we brought these shoes to our next lesson with Ellen. And, voila! The shoe fit! I guess people make questionable fashion purchases for all kinds of reasons. And sometimes those reasons are to prepare for a miracle.
I hope your week is full of miracles!
Prince Charming

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