Monday, February 3, 2014

That One Time We Met Giant Dogs, Had Sleepovers, Almost Burned Down the Church, and Went to a Bar‏

So ... for having an extremely regulated schedule, lots of crazy things happen during any given week. Such as the following true accounts:

On Tuesday night we plugged in our phone to charge like normal, and awoke to it doing this crazy "power cycle" thing. (For those of us who are normal and don't know what that means, the phone kept showing the logos that it does when it powers up - for HOURS. We couldn't stop it unless we took the battery out.) We took it to the Sprint store, aaaaaaand ... there was no fixing it. So we had 2 options: wait a week for a new phone to be mailed to us (AHHHHHHH!) or drive up to Boston to the mission office to pick a new one up. After a brief phone call from one of Sprint's finest iPhones to President for some advice, we decided to go up that night and pick one up. And instead of driving up and back in one night, we decided to prolong our little adventure by sleeping over at Elder & Sister Vail's house again! They are the same senior couple that took us in when we got stranded around Christmas. That's twice in two months! They joked that I should just leave an extra set of pajamas at their apartment. I suppose time will tell if I need to intrude on their hospitality again.

Every Thursday we have District Meeting - our district is composed of 3 rambunctious sets of Elders and us. After our morning meetings, we usually have lunch together. This week, one of the elders put two pots on the stove on high heat for a few minutes before adding anything into them. When he went to add butter to cook our pancakes, WHOOSH! Tons of smoke appeared. (You may be wondering why we were cooking pancakes in two pots ... when you're a missionary, you just work with what you've got.) We tried fanning the smoke away from the smoke detectors, but alas, our efforts were in vain. The fire alarm went off and a few minutes later firemen showed up. But not just one fire truck! 2 full blown fire trucks, 1 police van, and 2 random other vehicles containing emergency response personal. Hahaha, it must have been super anticlimactic for them to pull up and see 8 missionaries plugging their ears while frying bacon. After a few minutes of investigation they all loaded back up into the trucks and noisily paraded away. This week we are planning to have cold sandwiches - no cooking needed.

Our adventures with large animals continued when we met two giant Great Danes at a less active's house. I swear those things are half dog, half horse. Where did they even come from? Can you imagine meeting one in the wild? ... maybe from Denmark. That would make sense.

One of the lady's from the ward always takes us out to restaurants when she feeds us, and this time we pulled up to what was unmistakably a bar. Not to mention this happened on Saturday night, so the party was hopping! Well, it was part bar, part restaurant - but we still got a few awkward stares. We're not exactly who people expect to see when they go out for the night! It's like a bad joke, "Two Mormon missionaries walk into a bar ... "

Such great adventures we're having! And somewhere in the midst of all this craziness, we try to share the gospel :) This next week is going to be equally crazy! Our ward holds the mission record for number of members going out with the missionaries in one week. Last year a set of elders got 26 splits in one week! Bishop has politely challenged us to beat this record this week, so me and Sister Batschi are shooting for 40 splits! Pray that everything goes as planned, because right now, we're probably gonna make it! WOOOOOO! It's gonna be nutz, but it will be so so fun.

I hope that all of you have an amazing week! 

Sister Gledhill
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