Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Miracles, Miracles, MIRACLES.‏

Oh Good Golly you guys,
Unfortunately it is the curse of the missionary that the week you have so much to say, you have so little time to write.
In 5 minutes or less, let me try to give you a glimpse into the amazingness that being a missionary is.
So, due to the surge of baptisms in the past few months, our teaching pool has gotten pretty ... empty. (NOT a bad problem to have, there is no such thing as too many baptisms!) But we really have been a little stressed about who we are going to teach now! So we put our heads together with the Elders and made some "Finding Goals". The things that we felt we could do on our end so that we could find the people we KNOW are being prepared to hear our message. These goals included things like exact obedience, inviting one new person every day to hear the discussions, asking for a referral at EVERY appointment, and probably the craziest one was to ask for these people to be able to find us in every. single. prayer.
Every single prayer might not seem like that big of a deal to you guys, but let me illustrate this a little further for you. We pray all day. We pray when we wake up. We pray when we eat. We pray to open and close personal study, companionship study, and training. We pray before we drive. We pray before we go into lessons. We pray to begin and end lessons. We pray when we don't know what to do. We pray when we feel super blessed. WE PRAY ALL. THE. TIME.
And now, in every single prayer we pray that those people that Heavenly Father has been preparing to receive the gospel will be led to us, and that we will be able to find them.
And let me tell you, its been working.
In less than 6 hours after making these goals, we had 2 new investigators and one of our members tell us that he had been praying about someone he could "lead to the waters of baptism" and that it was his daughters childhood friend. We were like, "Are we being punked?"
But we're not! The Lord's work is just that amazing, people. And all around us, missionaries are having the same kind of success. NEW ENGLAND IS READY.

That's not even mentioning the amazing interviews we had with President, that last night we had 4 voice mails of members asking to go on splits with us, and that 3 of our investigators are praying for investigators. Oh and also this super cool less active brother gave me a tambourine this week. We're freaking out over here. Pray for us to be able to handle all this awesomeness.

And also pray that the snow doesn't stop us from working, because I just looked out the window and it is COMING DOWN.
I love you guys! And I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.
Sister Gledhill

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