Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to the Craziness Sister Batschi!‏

I feel like I start off every email with something the lines of "THIS IS MADNESS!"

Following this trend, this week was nothing out of the ordinary.

Let's look back to the last weekend of December. In the short space of 24 hours, we had 2 baptisms, got a call from President, found out I was training, and found out Sister Bailey was going to the ghetto, and let me tell ya, I was NERVOUS.

Partly because I love Sister Bailey so much that I can barely go to the bathroom with out experiencing slight separation anxiety, and also partly because for what ever reason I felt TOTALLY unprepared to train. Even though I was kind of expecting it (Scituate is just too amazing of a place to pass up), I wasn't truly mentally prepared apparently - as demonstrated by my panic stricken email last week.

And also I may have accidentally said this prayer a couple weeks ago asking to have the opportunity to grow a lot during this transfer. 

So ... I was a little freaked out about what Heavenly Father might have in store for me. 

BUT! Heavenly Father must really love me or something because He has sent me SISTER BATSCHI! Who is just so unbelievably amazing and is probably the most natural, powerful missionary I've ever met. She is a few months older than me, from Seattle, already has her nursing license, gorgeous, hilarious, spiritual, and basically just all around awesome.  I already love her to pieces and know we are going to be great friends and she requires like zero training at all. Too bad her first week of being in the field included a whole ton of craziness. We were Red Dotted (house bound) for 2 days due to the storm, the temperature dropped to -10 degrees and our pipes froze in our apartment, and then a pipe burst and the Chapel flooded at the Church building so we had to crash the neighboring ward for church on Sunday. Uh ... Welcome to the MBM I guess.

Anyways, I am so super stoked about what this transfer holds and can't wait to see what amazingness lies in store.

I love you guys! Have a great week!

Sister Gledhill

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