Monday, May 12, 2014

The Week of Sister Pross‏

Loved ones! Hello!

This week was full of all manner of amazingness - new investigators, awesome teaching appointments, a phone call home, and a baptism! It also was full of a lot of sister pross. Let me explain. 

As missionaries, we proselyte - or pross. But as sister missionaries, we occasionally engage in  SISTER PROSS. This basically includes any form of missionary work an Elder would not normally think of, such as baking cookies for a less active or using some kind of creative visual poster. (Although we do serve with a few Elders who excel at sister pross.) I myself and terrible at sister pross, but every now and then I come up with some girly pinterest-y idea. Apparently the girly stars were aligned this week, because we engaged in tons of sister pross activities.

Sister Pross Example #1: One of our investigators is the most adorable 19 year old from Cape Verde. This week is finals week for her and she was too busy studying for us to have a lesson, but we dropped off a chocolate bar and an encouraging note with a picture of the Savior for her. Another investigator who lives just up the street was having a birthday party for her son, so we dropped off a random stuffed frog we had in our apartment with a picture of Jesus for him too. #SisterPross

Sister Pross Example #2: Usually after baptisms, some sisters in the ward will bring some refreshments for everyone's enjoyment. However, due to the particular baptism being on Mother's Day, we felt WAY too guilty asking anyone to bring something. So Sister Badham and I made 60+ sugar cookies this week. #SisterPross

Sister Pross Example #3: The Primary President asked us to teach Sharing time on Sunday, with the theme "The Prophets in the scriptures are examples to me and my family." So we decided to do a lesson in which we dressed up the primary kids like 7 different prophets and talked about what we can learn from them. After every prophet we all marched around the room behind him or her singing "Follow the prophet! Follow the Prophet! Follow the Prophet! Don't go astraaaaaaaaaaay!" It. Was. Awesome. #SisterPross

Haha, just another week in the life of a sister missionary! I LOVE IT!

Sister Gledhill

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