Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Birthday AMERICA!‏

Greetings from the birth place of American Freedom!

We celebrated the 4th of July the all-American way: a pancake breakfast. For some reason it is the absolute favorite event of the year for all the ward members, and some of them get pretty into it. There is a 12 page document describing exactly where to set up the griddle's, and what outlets to use, and where to buy the sausage. One of our members showed up in a George Washington costume. #ICannotTellaLie.

Of course along with all this patriotism and free-pancake goodness, we made this breakfast a missionary opportunity! We had the Portable Visitor's Center I talked about a few weeks ago set up in the church to entice everyone to bring their friends, and we had an awesome turn out! The only downside was we were in the midst of some kind of hurricane. But we would never let a little fall of rain will douse our American pride! It did douse our firework plans, but alas, the work of the Lord goes on.

And now, a mission miracle: One of my mission buddies Sister Budvarson was crossing the street in downtown Boston when she got hit by a car going 40 miles per hour. Rumor has it that the statistic only 15% of people hit by a car going that fast live. Sister Bud has zero broken bones, no internal bleeding, and isn't even bruised where the car hit her - only from where she hit the ground. She got a little scraped up, has a gash under her chin, and her sinus bones got fractured, but she didn't even have to stay in the hospital over night. As President Packard put it, "Y'all better pray for her guardian angel, because he sure took one for the team." Obviously we're not indestructible, but it's incredible to see how the Lord's servants are protected. THIS WORK IS SO TRUE!

(Me and Sister Bud a few days after the accident.)
Sister Gledhill

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