Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Old Dog, New Tricks‏

What a week, what a week!

Last P-day we went into Boston to explore the FREEDOM TRAIL and have all kinds of touristy historical fun. I LOVE THE CITY! It really is so beautiful and oddly clean. It was like being in the middle of "National Treasure". Except with more old people wearing fanny packs and taking pictures.

And yesterday our investigator Rob got baptized! Teaching him has been such a neat experience - some of the most powerful lessons of my mission happened with him. Watching someone's conversion process makes you feel so tiny and insignificant but also feel so blessed to have been able to be present to watch someone's life change. I guess you could say being a missionary is pretty neat.

This week is also transfer week ... DUHN DUHN DUHN! After 3 transfers together, Sister Badham and I knew our time together was drawing to a close. Although we were pushing for the unheard of 4 transfer companionship, on Friday we found out that Sister Badham is being transferred to Worcester! 

So who's coming here, you might ask? Well folks, good question. I won't be able to tell you till next week because she hasn't arrived in the mission field yet ... that's right, FOXBORO IS GETTING A GREENIE! This is probably the weirdest I feel about training so far. Since coming to Foxboro, I've become ... old. Missionary old. Let me explain: when you first come on your mission, everything is new and exciting and different. You love to check the mail because you actually get mail. You spend hours writing to family and friends on P-day. You take 20 minutes to get dressed because you have so many new, fun mission outfits. When your old, checking the mailbox is just a funny ritual, you know every article of clothing in your closet like the back of your hand, and I honestly haven't written a letter in months. Moral of the story: this transfer will be an adventure. I'm stoked!

Wish me luck and pray that I don't send my baby into missionary shock with all my missionary awkwardness!

Sister Gledhill

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