Monday, July 7, 2014

The Bullet List.‏

Howdy Y'all!

Sometimes when I sit down to write you guys a letter, I have no idea how to formulate the random events into a cohesive email. So ... IT'S TIME FOR BULLET POINTS!

  • The "International Food" Bullet - This week we had dinner with a couple from the ward who lived/served their missions in Russia. (I always feel like these couples are so scandalous - marrying an Elder I've served with would be weird, weird, WEIRD.) But they made us delicious Russian food, including BORSCHT. Who knew that stuff is actually delicious? Also their 3 year old son speaks Russian like a champ, and being around bilingual toddlers is simultaneously hilarious and also makes me feel very inferior. I mean - even the THREE YEAR OLD can speak Russian. Pff.
We also enjoyed a Peruvian feast from another couple in the ward, the Colvins, who also have birthed a beautiful 2 year old bilingual toddler. We had this green pesto-y spaghetti AND IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. It might be my favorite new food I've tried on my mission. Sister Colvin served a mission back in the day, and she never really stopped being a missionary. One time she looked up all the less active people with in walking distance of her house and called us to come over so we could go meet them with her. She walked around the streets of Mansfield, pushing her genius baby, singing "Called to Serve" in Spanish at the top her lungs. Haha, she's awesome. And a great cook.
  • The "Scituate Update" Bullet - Brother Mayo (one of my investigators from Scituate) got baptized yesterday! He's been coming to church with his wife for like 20 years and Sister Batschi and I finally got him to take the missionary lessons right before I left Scituate. I got to go back for the baptism, and when I walked in I thought it was a wedding because there were so many people and so much food! It was amazing and so great to see all the people I love from that ward. They've been baptizing a nation over there, and have had 3 baptisms in the past 2 weeks! It so incredible to hear that the investigators are progressing so well. 
  • The "Community Service" Bullet - A sister in our ward was in charge of organizing volunteers for Norton Founders Day on Saturday, and some how roped our whole district into volunteering. (Just kidding. We were stoked.) The Elders were manning a hot air balloon and holding the ropes while people floated 40 feet up in the air! However, Sister Badham and I didn't even SEE the hot air balloon, because we were busy painting one million crazy children's faces on the opposite side of the park! It was really fun. And also crazy. I had quite the fan club for my "Olaf" design from Frozen. (Is everyone in the world obsessed with that show, or what?) I also got pretty good at super hero masks. We wish we would have taken more pictures, but it was MADNESS!
  • The "We Miss the Outdoors" Bullet - We don't know how to work our Air Conditioner, so we dragged our mattress out onto our balcony-deck and have been camping outside. Also, we just like sleeping outside, and would probably do it even if we did know how to turn on the AC.
  • The "Married Couple" Bullet - The longer you have a companion, the more hilarious every day becomes. Sister Badham and I been memorizing the song from "The Prince of Egypt" about the plagues, and it is SO. FUNNY. If your lucky, you might get a video presentation of our rendition. We've been so overjoyed about the work and just life in general that one of the new Elders in our district simply said, "You Sisters are spazzes," when he said goodbye to us. WE CAN'T HELP IT, WE'RE JUST SO DARN HAPPY.That's what doing the Lord's work does to ya. 
Love you and hope you have a great week!

Sister Gledhill

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