Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Battle Zone‏

Oh man, this week was cray-cray. Sister Badham and I feel like we're living in a war zone lately! Allow me to elaborate on the battles we've been waging this week:

The War on Health:  This week I was not at my usual peak physical performance as the fit specimen I am (ha!) But this week was especially not good. I think Sister Badham might feel like she hasn't had a companion all week between all my throwing up and sleeping. But we push on! We go from appointment to appointment and I sleep a little in the car and she keeps making me drink gross Gatorade so I don't keel over or anything. I'm sure she'll be blessed for putting up with me.

The War on Summer:  I don't know if Sacrament attendance out there has doubled or not, but approximately 70% of our ward is on extended vacations in Utah right now. Don't they know that the work of the Lord doesn't stop, even for summer break?! WHO'S SUPPOSED TO FEED US?!!!!!! (Haha, just kidding. But we are having a tough time finding members to come to our investigator lessons!)

The War on Fruit Flies: Our apartment is infested. They're in the garbage. In the sink. IN MY BATHROOM. Last night I kept waking up because I thought they were nesting in my ears. We can't help it that all we eat at our apartment is produce and yogurt! How do I get rid of all these tiny flies?!

The War on Satan: This is the real battle that's been on our hearts this week. Like I mentioned in my last email, miracles are happening here in the MBM and the work is moving forward like never before, but it is definitely not going unnoticed by the adversary. It seems like every single investigator and less active we're working with got push back from friends and family, or found anti stuff online, or is going through some major life trauma. It's kind of terrifying for us and we're just running around trying to give everyone the tools they need to protect their new found testimonies! It's been tough this week, but I have such a strong belief that all this opposition is just another sign that this truly is the work of God and that big things are about to happen in the lives of these people! And even though it's hard to watch our investigators fight these battles, I know that it's making them stronger. And in spite of all our worry this week, by the end of yesterday everything somehow turned out okay and everyone is still on track! But we could really, really use your prayers - we need all the help we can get.

I love you! Thank you for all your support!
Sister Gledhill
Missionary Warrior

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