Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Ratatouille Miracle

Ai, ai, ai! What a week. It started off with two solid days of meetings - Tuesday was interviews with President Packard (who continues to be A-MAZING) and Wednesday was Return and Report for all of the new missionaries and their trainers. I actually love meetings. Anytime I get to be in a room with a group of missionaries is okay with me because the spirit is always ridiculously strong. But two whole days in a row is A LOT of meetings ... good thing we got to go to the Temple on Wednesday!!! 

But all that diligent note taking and training absorbing was totally worth it because then a MIRACLE happened: a member in our ward made me Ratatouille! For approximately the past 2 months I have been very un-abashedly dropping hints to every member who asks us what we want for dinner that I have been dying to try ratatouille, but up until this week I had no success. I've probably told every family in the ward by now, so I had pretty much given up hope. BUT THEN SISTER MEGQUIER PULLED THROUGH FOR ME!

Here it is in all it's squash-y glory. It was so delicious! I almost cried when she pulled it out of the oven. #soblessed

But also, there are other miracles happening here too (not to undermine the ratatouille). We've been teaching our investigator Jed for a while now. The Elders found him passed out drunk by the sidewalk when they were riding their bikes home one night a few months ago. They started teaching him and I must admit me and Sister Badham were super skeptical at first. I mean, you must admit that it wasn't the most charming of first encounters. But then Jed started coming to church and volunteering to help out with anything he could. A few weeks ago he quit smoking and drinking cold turkey and hasn't touched it for almost 3 weeks! This week he told us that he's tried to quit before and never could, but this time he knows it's not himself. The Lord is definitely on his side and he is preparing for baptism next month! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about change and no one is too far gone for those blessings. 

You know, just another week in the life of a missionary. Drunken hobo turned model Christian. Miracles and blessings everywhere you look.
Sister Gledhill

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