Monday, August 18, 2014

Wrought Upon‏

Ahoy Maties!
It was a week of many meetings, many planning sessions, and lots of
cancellations - and yet we still managed to find time for a few
miracles. It seems like each of my areas has had teaching cycles,
where we are teaching all of our investigators Lesson 5 at once, or
everyone the Plan of Salvation, etc. This week was the Restoration,
which is always incredible to watch people understand and accept. It's
one of my favorite parts of missionary work to help people come to the
realization that Heavenly Father loves everyone of us, no matter where
or when we were born. If He talked to the people in Jerusalem, why
wouldn't He talk to the people in the Americas? And if He talked to
them, why wouldn't He still want to talk to us?! When our
investigators figure this out, I mentally jump up and down in my head
with glee.
As I've read the scriptures on my mission, I've always been intrigued
with the phrase "and he was wrought upon by the Spirit". I've always
wondered what it means to "wrought upon" something. It sounds a little
... violent. In a good way. But I think this week I maybe could use
that phrase myself. We had MLC on Wednesday (imagine an 8 hour long
meeting with our mission President - one of the most inspired men on
the planet - and a room full of some of the most talented and
spiritually-giant missionaries I've ever met. And then there's me. ...
I take lots of notes). MLC is usually a pretty intensely spiritual
experience, but it was especially intense for me this week. I don't
know if it's because the clock is racing towards the finish line of my
mission, or if it's just time for me to grow or what. But by the end
of that meeting I felt spiritually thrashed - wrought upon by the
spirit. And one thing I've learned on my mission is that when the
Spirit speaks, we act. So moral of the story: I've got a lot of acting
to do.
Sister Gledhill

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